Flap system ready for RDB

This is a new develeopment which upgrade REVO System for the upper level. Thanks to the new type of the mounting elements of the flaps we can preapre flap system during production in our factory and provide flaps later when RDB will come to the market. It means that JTI markets can invest less money at the begining to purchase and then install REVO units on the market and spend spare budget for the marketing tools dedicated in this system. Main value? Easily way for installation thanks to click-in system. 10 flaps, one person in 2 minutes.

This new developement will be installed in next weeks in REVO units for JTI Romania and JTI Serbia. We are wondering if any more JTI markets are interested in such a solution and be ready for RDB. 

For more details and quotes, please contact Tomek and Bartek. Cheers!


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