Flexi doors – game changer for RDB environment

During the CMS development we have been asked by JTI UK to prepare the new RDB doors, which could provide more flexibility and be future oriented. It was a huge challange beacuse as a door specialis we know that market proven construction of our sliding doors has limited possibilites to upgrade to flexi in safe way. After few weeks when quite big team was involved in the project and after 3 internal prototypes we have found the best way for this new solution!

The main value of FLEXI DOORS that we have developed is to be adjustable for the current and all future planograms of RMC category. In the UK this category should be hidden by the doors and after menthol ban there is around 10% less SKU of RMC packs. On the other side still growing RRP category with new ranges like nicotine pouches (Nordic Spirit) or heated tobacco (Ploom) needs more merchandising space, just to be well visible for consumers.

In our flexi doors we have kept installation to the backwall as simple as possible thanks to click-in mechanism. Operating of the doors is still comfortable for shopkeepers and additionally we have prepared very easily and quick adjustments of the top horizontal profile which allow to have covered more or less two shelves (300mm regulation of doors’ height).

Thank you to JTI UK Team for involving us to such a new and interesting project. We look forward how this project will be proceeding and hope there will be positive decisions for mass productions!

Flexi doors are working not only in CMS gantry units but they are also ready to install to the current backwall/sgantries as a new RDB solution. If you wish to know more how flexi doors could support you and solve RDB problems, please contact us for more details.

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