RDB Cash Zone Dispenser

Recently we have worked on the concept of Cash Zone Dispenser which is ready to work with RDB flap system, and could be used in the stores that are not ready to use overheads or backwalls. Additional promozone for real products and place for changeable posters on the flaps make this unit ready also for well brand communication.

Find this proposal as a ready to implement on your markets with your local requires.

Main values:

  1. Better access to the RMC packs – overhead is not needed
  2. Possibility to communicate brands and prices
  3. JTI products illuminated on the shelves
  4. Shelves ejectable for comfortable work
  5. Real product presentation in promozone is available
  6. Market proven flap system for RDB markets
  7. Compact sizes makes this unit ready to install even in limited space around cashier zone
  8. Additional space for storage at the bottom
Download full presentation

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