NEW CMS - project Update


  • Continue work on 1.5m CMS – BLUM runners arrived


  • Renders of 4m CMS for EXCOM meeting
  • Renders of 1.5m CMS for Indie
  • Waiting for the BLUM runners from supplier – reason of delay final assembling


  • Dimensions of 1m, 1.5m, 2m:
















  • Flexi doors – presentation of the prototyped concept
  • Electric shutter – handle crank explanation
  • Headers with category communication concept
  • Delay in 1.5m delivery
  • Continue work on  1.5m CMS
  • Doors prepration


  • Building 1.5m CMS continue
  • Confirmation of the width 1530mm for prototype only 
  • First animation for Tesco provided
  • New header position – flat version
  • Request for the new CMS renders for Independent (Ash) 
  • Request for the new CMS renders for Tesco (Ash)
  • Width of the shelf for each CMS specification provided
  • Probably date of dipsatch 1.5m CMS – Monday 22nd and delivery to Weybridge. on Thursday 25th 


  • Confirmation for the doors graphic 1.5m 
  • Video call Ashley – Bartek – CMS MK2 feedback and comments:


  • Successful install at JTI – KK provided positive feedback ?
  • Concerns around the weight and stability of drawers – see below
  • Concern around installing / assembling within independent store environment – see below
  • Lighting – electricity and shutter – issue when mains is disconnected – see below
1. Shutter / Cat-Headers & Merch space
  1. Shutter maintenance – needs to be more accessible for EMCOR? Prepare a video of 1.5m roller shutter disassembling
  2. Manual shutter floor to underside of shutter = 2040mm
  3. Electric shutter floor to underside of shutter = 2055mm Perfecta will check if can remove this 15mm distance – planogram issue
  4. Difference is due to manual shutter stops – can they be changed or repositioned?
  5. When comparing bottom of lightbox to the underside of the shutter, there is 60mm difference. If we reduce height of lightbox from the bottom or raise fascia up by 60mm then this would allow for 60mm more merchandising space.  Therefore reduce fascia from 285mm to 225mm? Perfecta will investigate this
  6. Fascia to have more flat/vertical position rather than angled down – to check
  7. Due to position of lightbox, consequently the category headers are on notch 153 to be visible but if fascia is reduced in height and increase merch space by 60mm, the cat-header could be on notch 158 – different height of people makes different visibility. Flat header could allow to reduce this effect
  8. Can cat-headers be incorporated into fascia? But easily exchangeable if required? Nice idea – worth to check
2. Drawer Solution
  1. Drawers set up on delivery – too heavy for lifting. Only in CMS prototype drawer unit was assembled, could be delivered as a module
  2. Also these wobble during transit – because was assembled without side panels, after installation in the unit is stable enough
  3. These need to be modular so that we can add or remove drawers when necessary – available
  4. Also need to ensure that drawers are assembled but can be installed in store – modules will solve this problem
  5. KK recommends that we change the assembly and have side and central profiles with runners – like IKEA?
  6. Screws instead of rivets on the inside of each drawer as rivets will not last long in drawers – to be confirmed but rivets are market proven solution ready for unscrew it during transportation
  7. POS-T 13 deep will fit in drawers if t-rail and epos rail is adjusted – Ashley will send a photo of this situation and provide us set of 13 deep
  8. Sliding EPOS rail above drawer edges will enable 13 deep pusher to fit plus EPOS to show prices Perfecta will check this
3. Electrics
  1. RRP Divider shelf needs illumination as products will be installed on here and not a shelf – confirmed as a possible solution in 1.5m CMS.
  1. When unplugging and plugging in electrics, electric shutter fob needs to be pressed in order to raise it back up slightly for illumination to come back on. This is normal situation after turn off the roller shutter. Electric version of shutter has starting position lower then in normal operations. We will ask our supplier to programm this shutters for a different position and will instal sensor a little bit lower.

4. Independent Installation
  1. Independent installation – no space to assemble in store – will be disrupting to install in an indie – any way they can be part/fully assembled?
  2. KK have suggested that they will part-assemble before they get to store. Most stores will be too tight and cannot be assembled outside in bad-weather.

To be confirmed by KK after trail installation of 1.5m CMS

5. Other feedback
  1. Base cupboard to be installed for 4M CMS at JTI for LHS. Can this happen with RHS now that drawers are installed? To be confirmed – easy manual for Ashley ?
  2. First RDB doors are 1100mmH vs MKII doors at 1055mmH
    7 shelf CTP doors need to be 1165mmH if sitting on a base cupboard Perfecta will investigate this
  3. Illuminated front profile with flexible adjustment of the height – RRP zone only
  4. Stop the next 4m CMS and focus on the another 5x 1.5m CMS – delivery around 15th of July.


  • Installation  of 4m CMS in Weybridge
  • Continuation of work on 1.5m section:
    • new elements: – drawers as a storage 190mm
    • new size of the doors
    • additional door 7 shelves
    • technical drawing with 6&7 shelves
  • To be confirmed:
    • headers communication
    • category headers communication
    • graphics on the doors
  • Continuation of work on Flexi doors – agree for the solution to prototyping


  • Delivery of 4m CMS to KK
  • Confirmation of the specifiation of 1.5m CMS for Indie
  • Renders of 1.5m CMS face-on
  • Continuation of work on the Flexi Doors


  • Final assembling of 4m CMS Mix Gantry and dispatch to the UK


  • Marketing accessories – delivered
  • Working on the drawers unit
  • Video call Ash-Bart – “Tesco 4M CMS – CONCEPTS PLANS”
  • Looking for elctricity issue with the roller shutter sensors
  • Comunication on headers and category headers confirmed
  • JTI UK considers CTP on LHS
  • Retro Fit Budget – Door removal waiting for the feedback
  • Retro Fit New – Half height sliding doors possible PO ~500pcs


  • Dispatch of marketing accessories – delivery on Monday
  • Platfiorm 10mm PCV for Nordic Spirit
  • Working on the drawers unit
  • New header installation, roller shutter fully hiden by roller shutter
  • New profile for category headers arrived
  • Waiting for confirmation of signposting headers and category headers (Ashley)


  • Production and delivery scenario:
Schedule proposal

Comments to JTI UK’s feedback:


Marketing accessories preparetion:

Will not be send:

  • Ploom box with door
  • LCD screen
Marketing accessories


  • Bartek – day off
  • Trying to claryfy drawers height: Mike&Ashley
  • Ashley provides movies for LCD screen
  • Renders with the new signposting for fascias
Feedback from Keith and Kieran

3 points more:

  • Access to handle when shutter is fully open means your hand gets trapped – can the handle move down an inch or so or generate more space between handle and back of light box
  • Install issue – slight gap at bottom of 2m sections but joined at the top
  • Too large gap between the shelves within the 2m bays which is caused by the double width struts on the back wall
  • Check how to use the fascia space to promote RRP range (??)


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Feedback from Ashley

Other points noted from new CMS:

  • Doors include new locator magnets with handy magnetic tool – plus 2 bolts through each vertical into gantry
  • Fascia graphic to be changed to Tobacco & Alternatives on next CMS
  • Shelf bracket for RRP divider to be moved from centre of each shelf to side and central uprights to avoid packs being crushed
  • Angled EPOS would give more access to product
  • Can the gap between cat-headers be reduced?
  • Cat headers are not universal and will not fit between all uprights and therefore limits future flexibility
  • Drawers will need to be manufactured to match NEW 6 and 7 shelf door heights


  1. Access to JTI Zone for Keith
  2. Renders with new signposting for CMS


Video call: Keith, Kieran, Adam, Ashley, Bartek

Project status


Feedback from Installation
• KK were satisfied with the installation and gave good feedback – KK’s feedback to follow separately
• Improve way of packaging, mainly shelves and their hooks. Maybe horizontal position in the carton boxes and protect the edges of the shelves
• Middle panel to divide RRP and CTP areas could be thinner than current 10mm depth
• Check the roller shutter sensor as I believe there is a fault with this – see video on next slide
• By removing the base shelf this will save 60mm however we need a 10mm board on the base for cassettes to sit on
• Only 5 CTP shelves per column are needed in next CMS – 20 in total
• Find solution to put nic pouches up on the shelves and provide better visibility of NS can i.e. platform/riser to see pack branding
• Shelf locks on rear of shelves to work more smoothly
Category headers:
• To be reduced in height from 70mm to 50mm = 20mm space saving
• Perfecta are looking for a dedicated aluminium profile to provide a more robust solution
• New height to cover 6 shelves of CTP
• Additional 2m door to cover 7 CTP shelves (I believe we should proceed with a 6 shelf CTP plan however it would be good to have a 7 shelf
prototype door solution)
• Find possibility to install LED Screen from Outform, could be without original casing


Installation in Weybridge:


Fitting instruction provided to Ashley

Fitting instruction


Playlist on YouTube with the set of 11 videos about installation 4m CMS: