Cash zone display (POM286) vertical

Cash zone display:

  • 18 SKU universal size KS, Silm, 100’s
  • Intensive product iillumination
  • Price tag 30 mm
  • Compact sizes
  • High quality, premium appearance – the prestige of the JTI brand
  • Perfect presentation of the logotype
  • Uncovered, open product close to the consumer (without shade)
    • No dots/reflections
    • No dust on the cover
    • No scratches on the shade
  • Focus only on Logo (no HW)
  • The packages are evenly positioned thanks to the pressure of the packages
  • 30mm price rail with easy replacement.
  • The possibility of replacing the price strip with large communication.
  • Theft protection
  • Simple product change without tools – sliding side
  • Universal solution for parcels – KS, Slim, 100’s
  • Very compact dimensions: 240/540/45 mm H / W / D
  • Light aluminum construction resistant to damage.
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