E-Box Secure (POM245)


  • Overall dimensions: 478mm (W), 524mm (H), 300mm(D)
  • Capacity: 3 shelves 10 deep
  • Materials: sandwich plate for the carcass, front alu frame, flexible perforationat the back, black executionfor interior and interior
  • Illumination: front frameall around
  • Installation: on the counter, freestanding


  • Logic shelves x 3
  • Made of black steel , equippedwith EPOS Strip 39mm
  • Installed T-Rails(ready to use POS Tunningpushers)
  • 2 lightboxes(120x100mm) included,to beused for educationor advertising purposes

Main values:

  • E-Box style with roundededges
  • Premium frontilluminated frame that makes entire design with black execution
  • Logic products great visibility
  • System ready to sell and promote Logic range of products
  • Easy to modify internalconfigurationor add othermarketing tools, thanks to flexibleperforationand buzz-bar electrical profile at the back
  • Simple installation – free standing version or hanging on the wall