Judo 2.0 RDB ready 2×10 SKU (POM283)

  • Dimensions: 690 x 414 x 413mm (w/h/d)
  • Construction made of CDF board – rigid and durable
  • Colour – light grey
  • 2 ejectable shelves to easy loading and counting
  • Shelves with bottom illumination
  • Possibility to turn off the illumination on the shelves
  • 10 SKU on each shelf, total capacity
  • Price tag 30mm at the front of each shelf
  • Illuminated header 2D for communication
  • Changeable poster for header included
  • RDB flaps system installed 2/2
  • No flaps in initial configuration
  • Flaps are ready to install in the future (separate price)
  • Bottom illumination of the shelves is synchronized with flaps opening
  • Possibility to connect module in 4 shelves unit – additional mounting elements are needed