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Boom-Box for JTI Portugal

JTI Iberia has re-ordered Boom-boxes on 21st of February 2020 and after 6 weeks we have delivered to Portugal 300pcs of this best counter displays for Logic Compact. It was possible thanks to ready documentation from last year production and quick confirmation from Portugal sides which allowed us to purchase all raw materials before lockdown […]

Boom-box for JTI Iberia

It was begining of July when Lauro Romo from JTI in Madrid contacted me with the samples request for our RRP tools. JTI Iberia was working on the preparation to launch Logic Compact on all three markets: Spain, Portugala and Canary Islands. Because there wasn’t time to loose before Perfecta vacation break, we have aranged […]

Production | weekly update 22.11.2019

Hello, Just a short update about our production processes in this week: Compact Overhead (POD396) for JTI Slovakia REVO backwalls (BAC609) for JTI Russia RDB Evolve Doors (BAC604) for JTI UK Boom-box Display (POM267) for JTI Iberia All products will be delivered in next days to the markets and hope all of them will be […]