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Augmented reality

Hi there, Here in Perfecta we continue our works around augmented reality and we are after first trials of AR models for one of the CMS range. We believe AR is a future of POSM product presentation which could be very useful also for the JTI’s sales forces. During pandemic time when personal meetings and […]


In recent days we heve prepred a new website which is dedicated for JTI UK and CMS project. Please check this website: http://cmsbyjti.co.uk/ and find all information about CMS gantry system with a lot of pictures, videos, 3D renders and as a new feature: augmented rality objects. If you feel that such a similar website could be […]

E-Box 4th edition

For many years we have produced E-Box family as a one of the main tool to promote and sell RRP category. thanks to a few sizes and configurations E-boxes were very popular in the UK and in Switzerland. But now is time to upgrade these solution and make it more visible for consumers. Please find […]