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New RRP Units

Recently we have developed a few new tools to promote and sell all ranges from the RRP category. Freestanding units in full height size and half height are ready to cover all JTI needs for wide selection of RRP products or for limited number SKU as well. Presented three units are only examples of possibilities, […]

REVO backwall for JTI Serbia

In March 2020 JTI Serbia wanted to place an order for our REVO backwall units, but COVID pandemic has made a changes in the plans and budgets. We have internally decided to continue this project and to prepare the prototype of one required specification. This is the final effect after REVO system modification to the […]

REVO backwalls for JTI Romania

In March JTI Romania asked us for two sample units of REVO backwalls (10 SKU and 14 SKU width). In this prototyping process we have used our new development of added flaps as a future oriented solution in case of RDB. More about this development you can find in one of the previous post here. […]