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New RRP Units

Recently we have developed a few new tools to promote and sell all ranges from the RRP category. Freestanding units in full height size and half height are ready to cover all JTI needs for wide selection of RRP products or for limited number SKU as well. Presented three units are only examples of possibilities, […]

E-Box 4th edition

For many years we have produced E-Box family as a one of the main tool to promote and sell RRP category. thanks to a few sizes and configurations E-boxes were very popular in the UK and in Switzerland. But now is time to upgrade these solution and make it more visible for consumers. Please find […]

Hand Sanitizer Station

Hand Sanitizer Station is a new concept project in Perfecta where we would like to combine two function of floor standing display unit with additional benefit that could be provided to the stores. In COVID-19 reality new hygienic requires are needed to provide safe shopping experience. Solution where JTI could provide hand sanitizing tool in […]